Tucker Alexander
Who knows how to use the survey method? it is seen that it is the simplest of all, and I need to know how to use it to hack facebook .. write me who is interested in helping me .. thanks ❤
Like Reply april 18, 2018. At 12:55
Terry Bergstrom
remember to mention if they could hack Facebook, so that those responsible for the page take into account that if they use the site and know that they have been successful
Like Reply april 09, 2018. At 20:41
Hali Shawn Tendler
Hello, who helps me? I'm trying from the polls method but I'm not sure why ... What other method do you recommend to hack facebook? 😐😐
Like Reply march 26, 2018. At 13:35
Tracie Bernabe
Which of the two methods do I choose after I copy the link of the victim? the one of the referred ones? or the surveys? which one is better for me to be able to hack fb?
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