Alex Deslauriers
Creating a hotmail is not a bad idea, if you are going to receive your victim's Facebook password, it is better that it be from an email other than the one we always use馃馃馃馃
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Katie Lewis
Haha this page thinks about its users, I did not know very well how to create a hotmail, I had also lost it
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Zach Plass
This is something out of topic, but it is still important to have a hotmail to receive the data of your victim once you complete a method, then hack facebook
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Joshua Blankenship
Thanks to this page I was able to hack the facebook of my ex-girlfriend and I discovered that she cheated on me, since then for every person that went out the espio the fb to see if they are faithful or not
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Jacqueline Leyva
This page is very easy to use haha 鈥嬧媎o not know how there are people who have problems with the methods? I could hack without problem ... I recommend you to see the indications well
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